Monday, May 24, 2010

The Sense of Suspended Time and Muddled Energy in the Vortex

Swirls of brown and purple streaked with white
Like watching water curling down a drain
I see my life blood seeping out
Staining the carpet of past dreams

Angels stand arms folded frowning
Bodhisattvas with heavy-lidded eyes
Await my awakening
Not skipping a beat I sit abandoned

Sweetness in its true guise
Lashes my sleeping form
I dream, still clinging to my bitterness
Like the only vehicle that can propel me

Once I danced, was it yesterday
My shoes like second skin
Polishing the floor
But that was yesterday and I have nothing to show for it

The birds are my fondest remedy
Perching on the door frame
They seem to reassure my entry
Flying above my head or nesting

Shall I pick up my largest burden and walk
Will I fall again
It is a time of confusion which I’m told is worthy
Of the highest attention

Is passion surely leached from my bones
Have I nothing to wish for
Only now do I understand the snow mountains
Only now that I am exiled

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