Sunday, February 28, 2016

Living From a Distance So Close

I don’t want to stir the cauldron
Start those beads of joy
Bouncing off each other
Light, color, sound

It’s safer here inside
Where I can talk to you
Heart to heart
And share the never-ending

I don’t want to open the mailbox
And see my name in black ink
On an envelope from you
With some unfamiliar stamp

It’s better to talk to you soul to soul
All the things we really want to say
That don’t depend on gravity’s structures
Or involve people to be hurt

I know that psychic dialogue is suspect
That the test of truth is in the manifestation
I know it would be exciting to see you
But I don’t want to stir it up

I walk in the forest alone
The spirits talk to me
The fairies recognize me clearly
The old trees say ‘Welcome back’

To match my steps to yours would be strange
To feel the tentacles of your presence
Interact with the energy of the woods
Like them I would be subsumed

I’d rather have you with me in my mind
Be all at one with every stalk and branch
And know that on every parallel track
Our lives are intertwined