Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tough Talk

Scientists have confirmed
Reality is a figment of our imagination
Or more accurate to say
We create our reality with our minds

Our minds
Those sacred organs
Given to us in trust
Each lifetime a fresh start
A chance to do it better
Not forget the truth

The Buddha said
Reality is a construct of your mind
Self is an illusion
Thus it’s most important to remember
Compassion is the first thought
Compassion for self as other

Jesus said the same
Love is the source of all wisdom
Love your brother as yourself
Love yourself as your brother
Once you feel that

In your heart
For all life forms
Then you can know
Truth …

Reality as imagined
Is not truth
(Let me rant just a little while
It’s my mind
After all)

Reality is only truth
When you strip away
The body nation culture
Strip away the name gender family
Strip away the construct
Of morality philosophy

What’s left …
What then is left
Is truth
Lennon also said that
But names don’t matter

If we just do it.


A Word Witch said...

"..names don't matter if we just do it." Wonderful. You are so gifted!

Stirling Davenport said...

Thanks, Lu. You left the only comment, and I struggled with this poem. This is probably rewrite #4. But in the midst of a violent world (Paris, Colorado Springs, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nairobi) ... I needed to find center in the emptiness that is never truly empty.