Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Night Elegy

Elation expands
beyond the bonds of reason
with the first sip and clink of ice

Effortless riding a wave
of astral energy here in the bar
with its basic neon soul

I used to dream of climbing mountains
doggedly ascending to the top
with a tribe behind me

Oh, I should have remembered
how it's always harder to come down -
but whoever thinks of that when they're in love?

I only mention love
to give you a context
a subject I know so well, I could be an oracle

People should come to me
and ask their fate
Maybe I thought I was being born into it

God, what a fake-out. Psych!
All the courtesan memories and vestal longings
were only useful in the sack

Am I being brazen or crude?
I think those notions are played out now
given the world-wide-web, already antique

Soon we'll be doing marriage by podcast
I must say, though, this steak is good
the cow gave his life for me

And the whiskey got distilled
with only a glimmer of
what might be done in its name

Sure, I'm an old lady with a young lady's mind
as I pack up my things and
strut off to the night


Anonymous said...

I shall steal this for poetry group...and pretend. MSB

Stirling Davenport said...

Delightful! Feel free. I'm glad you liked it.