Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jesus was a Virgo

I need to go to Boston
I feel like I want to crack something open
A whole ice tray of feelings
The love, mostly
Keen and sharp like the winter wind
Whipping across from the Hancock Building
Eyes clenched to the sleet, inscrutable
And on the inside, a vast ocean of space
Driven by single purpose
Nothing I wouldn’t do for the Beloved

When Jesus was two years old
He already knew he belonged to the world
His life would be a gift to humankind
He had an unbroken umbilical
At two, my destiny was only a spark
Beginning its slow spiral
I was sixteen when I chose heart over head
If I had to choose
Not beauty or wit or surely sanity

I wonder if Jesus had a nickname as a child
Before he was called a prophet, a Lord, a Prince,
All those epithets that couldn’t contain him
Jesus must have made friends easily
Gathering his disciples around him like bees to clover
My only nicknames were cruel ones made by boys
Until college where the girls named me Slinky and Cat
But love always got in the way of friends
No bees, only outlaws who would be worshipped

Jesus was an outlaw, too
I probably would have loved him,
Would have pulled him down from the cross and taken his place
Like an idiot, or a saint
And my nickname would have been She Who …
I don’t know exactly, but not Slinky or Cat
Anyway, one thing to say –
Jesus wasn’t a Capricorn
I saw his birthday written in a tome
A book of secrets from an unlocked case 
September 9, was it?  September 6?
Anyway, it’s no surprise.
Jesus was a Virgo.


Anonymous said...

This jumps like a spark of fire from the Cauldron.

Anonymous said...


susanbudig said...

I am enamored with this poem, Stirling. I like its flow and portrayal of time. Very appealing.

Stirling Davenport said...

Thank you, Susan and all other commenters. I really appreciate your notes.