Monday, October 8, 2012

Song #1 and Song #2

Song #1

Each of us is a hollow bone
That can fill with the sublime truth
And carried on that wind
Our rascal selves

Our will o’ wisp trails
Insubstantial motes in a rolling wave
And when enticed into form
Again we know
The miracle of simple acts

Each step has rhythm
If we can find it
The call and response
Of life

Each of us
No more important
And no less vital
Than the notes in a symphony

It is the counterpoint
Between us
That makes the harmony

To find the common thread
In the frenacy
Of the marketplace
Is the gift
Of a master

One needs
A different ear

The melody of birds
In flight
The cacophony of monsoon rains
No less than crickets
Murmuring in the night

Or the rhythm of
Grass and leaves
Breathing in
The sweet sunlight

It is a kindness (music)
Some may feel
As touch

The common ground
Beneath all things
The essence of joy
From which we spring

We return again
Because the ending always
Makes us want
For more.

Song #2

And how can we not dance
When every part of us

And how could the bird fly
Without the wind?

Oh, let me be the flute
Through which your wind blows

And let me be the drum
On which your hands

Inspired by a concert – Zakir Hussain & Rakesh Chaurasia 10/7/12 at Skinner Hall, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY.


Jan Hersh said...

Dear Stirling,
You capture the nourishment of music and its importance in our lives and at the same time depict music's spiritual power to change us, heal us, and to enhance our lovemaking.

I am thrilled with this poem and hope many others will be touched as I am on reading and hearing it.

Stirling Davenport said...


I am thrilled by your comment! And from you, a musician, even more so. Music is the one thing.

MagicMuse said...

Everything - as I once said long ago on another site - goes back to music! This delightful, ethereal combo of poems is eloquent testimony to that - enough said.

Stirly, you usually elevate me in some form or the other with everything you share, but these twin treasures are a class apart - in my completely-opinionated-and-loving-it opinion, two of your most visceral, immersive and beautifully understated works ever. And what I said on Gather about the first one holds truer than ever.... Love, love this double delight, amiga!

Stirling Davenport said...

Ooh, "visceral, immersive ..." in the same sentence. Only you, Aman. Thanks for the wonderful comment.