Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunset Swells to Storm (a Ghazal)

The sunset glitters on the water like a happy soul
We close our eyes and listen to the ocean’s soul

Upon the deck we hear the lap of breakers roll
The sound of waves is soothing to the battered soul

Feel how the mainsail tightens on its supple pole
The wild wind frightens each and every soul

The sun has fallen down a rabbit hole
The dark sky presses on the weary soul

That far-off hump of island is our keenest goal
The ship is pitching wildly like a wounded soul

She lists and tumbles in the frothy knoll
As high waves claim her cloth and timber soul

The sunlight blinds and blisters as it takes its toll
Upon our little raft and each beleaguered soul

I wonder sometimes if I could unroll
The sail that flutters o’er my liquid soul

If death is somehow preferable to suffering’s toll
If future lives be succor for a stalwart soul.


The painting is by one of my favorite artists - Albert Pinkham Ryder.


Instructions for the poetic form called a Ghazal:

1. Ghazal must be at least five couplets long. May be as long as you wish.
2. Each couplet ends in the same word
3. ALSO both lines of the first couplet end in the same word.
4. All lines should be of similar length.