Friday, March 11, 2011

Mote of Meditation

The winter sun
illuminating nothing
empty of self
empty of other

The luminous sun
white with fog
burning off the mirrored clouds
of mind

Removing obscurations
the air between
ourselves and the sun
light years vanish


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with me. So much talent. I see you've been in India. We are shortly going out to CA to see our teacher, Swami V, a Himalayan monk. I shouldn't just say "a", since he's the real deal and is one of those magical monks that you read about in books, in Yogananda's line.
Jerri from Gather

Stirling Davenport said...

Oh, lucky you! I'm so happy you are going to spend time with your teacher. That is truly precious. Remember to breathe ...