Monday, February 22, 2010

The Perseverance

Plants are hardwired
to reach upward
they know
their destiny

They undergo all kinds
of hardships
to bathe in the
golden light

I see this green
amidst the snow
touch its velvet petal
speak in wonder

In its sleeping
it only hears me in
its dreaming passage

I ask the nun
what is the hardest part
about retreat
what should I prepare for

She says "the perseverance"
there is nowhere else to go
just sitting
then the tormas to make

Always some work
some activity
prayer and study
very little free time

I understand that
kind of practice
but maybe not as well
as the plants.


A Word Witch said...


Brenda said...

They undergo all kinds
of hardships
to bathe in the
golden light

These words caught my heart when I was browsing Google Reader before I realized they were yours before I realized they were about plants and prayer retreats and they stopped me and for a second I fully understood.

Thank you for this sublime experience. Some of your gold light reached all the way over here, Stirling, and I felt bathed in it.

Fantastic poem. xoxo

Stirling Davenport said...

Brenda - I just saw your comment! I somehow haven't successfully programmed alerts to go to me when people comment.

I'm delighted you caught that ray of golden sun.

Beam on ...